The Lost Colony of Roanoke disappeared because of an ancient curse created by Ananias Dare, son-in-law to Governor John White, and Manteo, Croatan Indian who was sympathetic to the English. Along with the colony, the gods and spirits of the Algonquian tribes were locked behind the gates of Popogusso—hell.

Manteo and Ananias’s descendants were charged with the responsibility: Curse Keepers, guardians of gate to hell, anticipating the day the curse would break.

Elinor “Ellie” Dare Lancaster, the Dare Keeper, never believed the curse was real.

Collin Dailey, the Manteo Keeper, spent his entire life preparing for it.

Together they have seven days to close the gate of hell and save humanity.

Meet The Curse Keepers:

The Curse Keepers Girl2
Ellie  Lancaster 

The Curse Keepers Man2
Collin Dailey